SWE-151 - Last used in rev NPR 7150.2D

RevSWE Statement

Difference between A and BNEW - Split from Rev A SWE-015 and added items d-f.

3.2.2 The project manager‘s software cost estimate(s) shall satisfy the following conditions: 

    1. Covers the entire software life cycle.
    2. Is based on selected project attributes (e.g., assessment of the size, functionality, complexity, criticality, reuse code, modified code, and risk of the software processes and products).
    3. Is based on the cost implications of the technology to be used and the required maturation of that technology.
    4. Incorporates risk and uncertainty.
    5. Includes the cost for software assurance support.
    6. Includes other direct costs.
Difference between B and CTo item d., added cybersecurity;
To item e., made SA support required by adding "of the required".

Difference between C and D

Updated item b. to include programmatic assumptions/constraints and clarified item d.