SWE-091 - Last used in rev NPR 7150.2D

RevSWE Statement

4.4.2 The project shall select and record the selection of specific measures in the following areas:

    1. Software progress tracking.
    2. Software functionality.
    3. Software quality.
    4. Software requirements volatility.
    5. Software characteristics
Difference between A and BMade the requirement based on software Class and Safety Criticality; Added requirement to establish metrics repository / system from Rev A SWE-095.
Removed requirement for requirements volatility and software characteristics; Added development effort and cost data to list of measures.
B For Class A, B, C, and safety-critical software projects, the Center Director shall establish and maintain a software measurement repository for software project measurements containing at a minimum:

    1. Software development tracking data.
    2. Software functionality achieved data.
    3. Software quality data.
    4. Software development effort and cost data.
Difference between B and CRemoved "safety-critical" from the requirement.

Difference between C and DNo Change