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7/17/2018 - Updated

  • Link changed from " " to " "
  • Description changed from "Semmle's ODASA (On-Demand Analytics of Software Assets) gives you a unified view of your software projects, with drill-down to as much detail as you need - even to the source code. The beauty of this unified view is that it is comprehensive, objective, and gives you all the information that you need, and nothing that you don't need. " to "NASA JPL are using Semmle QL throughout the organization to enforce NASA’s coding standards, to find and eradicate critical software problems and their variants, as well as Semmle LGTM to effectively share best practices and knowledge across the team of NASA JPL’s flight software developers and to prevent variants of known problems from ever being introduced into mission software.  "
  • Changed the name from Semmle ODASA" to Semmle"
  • Removed "ODASA" tool