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  1. 7.02 - Classification and Safety-Critical Assessment

    analysis, or ground software tools that support engineering development, or ground software used in testing other Class D software systems, or ground software tools that support mission planning or formulation, or ground software that operates a research, development, test, or evaluation laboratory (i.e
  2. Tools Table

    Tools to aid in compliance with this SWE, if any, may be found in the Tools Library in the NASA Engineering Network (NEN). NASA users find this in the Tools … in NEN.  The list is informational only and does not represent an “approved tool list”, nor does it represent an endorsement of any particular tool
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  3. Old Tools Table

    This table includes tools from across the handbook. Note that this table should not be considered all-inclusive, nor is it an endorsement of any particular tool. Check with your Center to see what tools are available to facilitate compliance with requirements in NPR 7150.2. If you would like to suggest a tool
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  4. SWE-111 - Software Design Description

    design description (SDD), the following minimum content is included. If the content is included in another document or tool, such as separate trade study documents, interface design documents, modeling or simulation tools, or data dictionaries, those documents or tools may be referenced in the SDD. CSCI-wide design
  5. SWE-058 - Detailed Design

    definition document (see SWE-111)? Do you have a systems requirements specification (see SWE-109)? Are you familiar with the methods, tools, standards … ) tools being used to assist and document the design effort (see SWE-136)? Does your design process include a robust configuration control process (see SWE-103
  6. SWE-056 - Document Design

    , and data. Rigorous specification languages, graphical representations, and related tools have been developed to support the evaluation of critical properties … on which to build, or be auto-coded using advanced design tools. Guidance for the content of the documents that capture software design, the Software Design
  7. SWE-057 - Software Architecture

    standard software modeling tool, UML (Unified Modeling Language) (v2.0) . His approach fosters decomposition, which is a major practice used to control complexity … against incidental complexity in software designs..." cd smproj sdr tool analysis ansc asc bsc bnsc csc cnsc cdr dsc dnsc design g f esc ll pdr pm prod_desc
  8. SWE-055 - Requirements Validation

    . cd smproj reports sa sre tool ansc asc bsc bnsc csc cnsc dsc g f esc ll pi pm sar Migration of unmigrated content due to installation of a new plugin
  9. SWE-098 - Agency PAL

    to, processes, Web sites, design principles, books, periodicals, presentations, tools, examples of documents, and conference descriptions. EHB Editor note … , and Excel, and Adobe pdf) plus handbooks, checklists, reports, presentations, proceedings, course materials, tools, worksheets, tool catalogs, metrics repositories
  10. SWE-100 - Software Training Funding

    use project training funds to develop specific skills and expertise in programming languages, design tools, operating systems, coding standards, etc.  Project … . 5. Resources 6. Lessons Learned No Lessons Learned have currently been identified for this requirement. hqce cd tool train ansc