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  1. 7.08 - Maturity of Life Cycle Products at Milestone Reviews

    2.1 Tools records sdr procedure process studies sre srr cdr design orr mcr mdr pi pdr plan pm c-i v-v sar sir trr Migration of unmigrated content
  2. 7.09 - Entrance and Exit Criteria

    requirements factored into the design Trade studies completed Addressing Commercial Off the Shelf, reuse, etc. Trade-off analysis and data supporting design … matrix Software design documents Supplier documentation Requirements documents Concept of operations Trade studies Documented solutions, analysis
  3. SWE-039 - Software Supplier Insight

    activities; at a minimum the following activities are required:  monitoring integration, review of the verification adequacy, review of trade study data and results … and level of these participation activities are specified in the contract. Review of Trade Study Data and Results The team exercising the "insight" role uses