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  1. 7.04 - Flowdown of NPR Requirements on Contracts and to Other Centers in Multi-Center Projects

    , in the Supplier Agreement Management (SAM) process area are required to support the acquiring organization during the acquisition planning process in the software … the supplier's engineering capability. This SAM-only alternative allows a Center or prime contractor who might only procure small amounts of Class A and Class B software
  2. SWE-109 - Software Requirements Specification

    to document requirements in terms that describe the intent very clearly; include graphics where possible." sam cd smproj sre srr swrr ansc asc bsc bnsc csc
  3. SWE-018 - Software Activities Review

    that discrepancies between the review team and the Project can be resolved immediately.". sam ivv csma cce cd smproj reports records sa process ansc asc bsc bnsc csc
  4. SWE-130 - Develop a Software Safety Plan

    identified for this requirement. hqce sam csma smproj sdr sa sse srr swrr acq_plan ansc asc bsc bnsc csc cm cdr dsc g f esc h pdr pe plan pm bp sar Migration
  5. SWE-074 - Document Maintenance Plan

    , and develop contingency plans for all operations that cannot be adequately placed under NASA's control." sam cd smproj sdr sa srr ansc asc bsc bnsc
  6. SWE-045 - Project Participation in Audits

    the adequacy of contractor implementation throughout the software life cycle." sam cd smproj sa process acq_plan ansc asc bsc bnsc csc cnsc dsc g f esc ll pp pm
  7. SWE-076 - Implement Operations, Maintenance, and Retirement Activities

    the prototype system after deployment. "Select COTS COTS products with the ability to do internal logging." sam cd sdr sa srr acq_plan ansc asc bsc bnsc csc cnsc
  8. SWE-077 - Deliver Software Products

    controller software prepared as part of their software development process is being given to each vendor." sam cd reports records pr acq_plan ansc asc bsc
  9. SWE-075 - Plan Operations, Maintenance, Retirement

    to enhance the product without tearing down and rebuilding the majority of code." sam cd sdr sa srr ansc asc bsc bnsc csc cnsc cdr dsc g f esc ll pc mcr mdr
  10. SWE-078 - As-built Documentation

    been identified for this requirement. sam cd pr acq_plan ansc asc bsc bnsc csc cnsc cm dsc g f esc pc pm prod_desc sar Migration of unmigrated