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  1. SWE-095 - Directorate Measurement System

    1. Requirements 4.4.6 Each NASA Mission Directorate shall establish its own software measurement system to include the minimum reporting requirements in SWE … and define a software measurement system with reporting requirements necessary to manage and provide insight needed on Mission Directorate projects. The minimum
  2. SWE-018 - Software Activities Review

    dispositioned and/or closed. The issue can be tracked in a suitable tool, such as a risk management system, a configuration management system, or a problem reporting … that discrepancies between the review team and the Project can be resolved immediately.". sam ivv csma cce cd smproj reports records sa process ansc asc bsc bnsc csc
  3. SWE-077 - Deliver Software Products

    ).           d. Summary and status of all Problem Reports written against the software.           e. Summary and status of all software requirements deviations … . Hazard analyses. Safety-critical software development audit reports. Safety-related verification reports. Installation instructions, including description
  4. SWE-055 - Requirements Validation

    Learned database notes the following: Mars Climate Orbiter Mishap Investigation Board - Phase I Report. Lesson Number 0641: A mishap could have been prevented … . cd smproj reports sa sre tool ansc asc bsc bnsc csc cnsc dsc g f esc ll pi pm sar Migration of unmigrated content due to installation of a new plugin
  5. SWE-118 - Software Test Report

    1. Requirements The Software Test Report shall include: a.    Overview of the test results:       (1)  Overall evaluation of the software as shown … on the outcome of those tests. Test reports capture that information and more for purposes including but not limited to: Documenting what was done and how
  6. SWE-092 - Measurement Collection and Storage

    are expensive to collect, report, and analyze so if no one is using a metric, producing it is a waste of time and money. Each organization or Mission Directorate … specific criteria, definitions, and a description of how to perform each step in the collection process. "When we use terms like defect, problem report
  7. SWE-043 - Track Change Request

    in this Handbook: SWE-038 Acquisition Planning SWE-080 Track and Evaluate Changes SWE-113 Software Change Request/Problem Report SWE-116 Software Version Description SWE-118 Software Test Report SWE-119 Software Documentation Requirements - Software Inspection, Peer Reviews
  8. 7.09 - Entrance and Exit Criteria

    software architecture defined. Report of current computer resource estimates and margins (memory, bus, throughput) available for review. Design constraints … design. entrance.png SwRR Entrance Criteria - Analysis Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA)/Software Assurance Classification Report (SACR), Software Safety
  9. 7.03 - Acquisition Guidance

    appraiser.* Report analysis and resulting decision to appropriate stakeholders. Document lessons learned for future acquisition activities. Develop acquisition … . Consider for inclusion in the contract the content and frequency of progress reports and metrics submissions. Consider for inclusion in the contract
  10. SWE-047 - Traceability Data

    that meet end-users requirements and needs in a cost-effective and timely fashion." cd reports sa sre swrr ansc asc bsc bnsc csc cnsc cdr dsc design g f esc