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  1. 7.08 - Maturity of Life Cycle Products at Milestone Reviews

    products and their maturity level at the various software project life cycle reviews.   This chart serves as guidance only and NASA Center procedures should take … 7120.5, and individual NASA Center procedures.  Draft versions of the chart were reviewed by the NASA Software Working Group resulting in this chart which
  2. SWE-035 - Supplier Selection

    1. Requirements 2.5.4 For new contracts, the project shall establish a procedure for software supplier selection, including proposal evaluation criteria. 1.1 … suppliers, particularly in the case of sole-source selection." "An established procedure and set of evaluation criteria is used to select the most qualified
  3. SWE-034 - Acceptance Criteria

    and conditions. The team typically uses an acceptance test procedure to direct the software testing personnel. The software testing personnel are typically … for this requirement. cd records procedure acq_plan ansc asc bsc bnsc csc cnsc cdr dsc dnsc g f esc pdr plan pm prod_desc in-over sar trr Migration
  4. SWE-114 - Software Test Procedures

    1. Requirements The Software Test Procedures shall contain: (SWE-114) a. Test preparations, including hardware and software. b. Test descriptions … ) Prerequisite conditions.     (4) Test input.     (5) Instructions for conducting procedure.     (6) Expected test results, including assumptions and constraints
  5. SWE-096 - Directorate Measurement Objectives

    , the collection procedures, and storage and analysis procedures. 1.1 Notes NPR 7150.2, NASA Software Engineering Requirements, does not include any notes … understanding of software progress leads to better oversight of projects. Mission Directorate specified analysis procedures allow the synthesis of results across
  6. 7.09 - Entrance and Exit Criteria

    , Appendix G ; NPR 7120.5 ; and Center Procedures. This guidance includes three types of information for each review: entrance.png Entrance criteria - Activities … (and change control procedures working) Configuration management system understood by those who must use it Procedures and tools developed for mechanizing
  7. SWE-028 - Verification Planning

    and success criteria across the life cycle (e.g., software peer review/inspections procedures, re-review/inspection criteria, testing procedures). Identification … development is complete. ivv csma cd smproj reports records sa procedure process sre srr tool swrr acq_plan ansc asc bsc bnsc csc cnsc cm cdr dsc dnsc g f esc
  8. SWE-065 - Test Plan, Procedures, Reports

    1. Requirements 3.4.1 The project shall establish and maintain:         a.    Software Test Plan(s).         b.    Software Test Procedure(s).         c.    Software Test Report(s). 1.1 Notes The requirements for the content of a Software Test Plan, Software Test Procedure, and Software Test Report are defined
  9. SWE-060 - Coding Software

    have currently been identified for this requirement. cd records sa procedure process tool ansc asc bsc bnsc csc cnsc cm cdr dsc dnsc design g f esc
  10. SWE-073 - Platform or Hi-Fidelity Simulations

    smproj reports records sa procedure ansc asc bsc bnsc csc cnsc cm dsc g f esc ll orr pc pi plan pm v-v sar trr Migration of unmigrated content due