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  1. 7.04 - Flowdown of NPR Requirements on Contracts and to Other Centers in Multi-Center Projects

    safety policies, project safety plans, and risk management plans. Reporting of mishaps, close calls, and lessons learned. Surveillance by NASA. Performance-based … , in the Supplier Agreement Management (SAM) process area are required to support the acquiring organization during the acquisition planning process in the software
  2. 7.08 - Maturity of Life Cycle Products at Milestone Reviews

    PDR CDR SIR TRR SAR ORR Software Development Plan (SDP) / Software Management Plan (SMP)   P P   B U … Software Configuration Management Plan (SCMP) P P   B U Software Test Plans P
  3. SWE-019 - Software Life Cycle

    transition criteria to be used. The Software Development Plan (see SWE-102) can be used to document the chosen life cycle and the selected phase transition criteria … resulting from the requirements phase include the Software Management Plan (see SWE-013 and SWE-102), the Software Requirements Specification (see SWE-049 and SWE
  4. SWE-130 - Develop a Software Safety Plan

    1. Requirements For safety-critical software, the project shall develop a software safety plan. 1.1 Notes The requirement for the content of the software safety plan (whether stand-alone or condensed into one or more project level or software documents) is defined in Chapter 5 [section 5.1.9 of NPR 7150.2
  5. SWE-074 - Document Maintenance Plan

    1. Requirements 3.5.1 The project shall document the software maintenance plans in a Software Maintenance Plan document. 1.1 Notes The requirement for the content of a Software Maintenance Plan is defined in Chapter 5 [of NPR 7150.2, NASA Software Engineering Requirements, Section 5.1.4]. 1.2 Applicability
  6. SWE-038 - Acquisition Planning

    1. Requirements 2.5.7 The project shall document software acquisition planning decisions. 1.1 Notes This may be in an acquisition plan or in another project planning document. 1.2 Applicability Across Classes Class F is labeled as "X (not OTS)" which means that the project is required to meet this requirement
  7. SWE-076 - Implement Operations, Maintenance, and Retirement Activities

    1. Requirements 3.5.3 The project shall implement software operations, maintenance, and retirement activities as defined in the respective plans. 1.1 Notes … . 2. Rationale While NPR 7150.2 requirement SWE-075 requires a software team to plan for operations, maintenance, and retirement, this SWE (076) requires
  8. SWE-075 - Plan Operations, Maintenance, Retirement

    1. Requirements 3.5.2 The project shall plan software operations, maintenance, and retirement activities. 1.1 Notes NPR 7150.2, NASA Software Engineering … , and retirement requires planning before implementation. The team documents and reviews those plans before they are implemented to allow its members to consider all
  9. SWE-126 - Waiver and Deviation Considerations

    records srr swrr ansc asc bsc bnsc csc cnsc cm ensc dsc dnsc g f esc ll h plan pm in-over Migration of unmigrated content due to installation of a new plugin
  10. SWE-079 - Develop CM Plan

    1. Requirements 4.1.1 The project shall develop a Software Configuration Management Plan that describes the functions, responsibilities, and authority for the implementation of software configuration management for the project. 1.1 Notes The Software Configuration Management Plan may be a part of the project