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  1. 7.07 - Software Architecture Description

    determination 3.7 Quality Attribute Analysis Quality attributes that are important in mission software often include availability, modifiability, performance … ), and AADL (Architecture Analysis & Design Language), but architecture descriptions need not be restricted to such diagrams. Examples of useful views: Run
  2. 7.11 - Model Based Development and Auto-generated Code

    Software Project Lead MBDS analysis and selection, project procedure development Software Engineers Carrying out recommended practices V&V … record. Determine what, if any, analysis exists to verify the software produced by the MBDS. Consider the MBDS's integration with other project tools
  3. SWE-106 - Software Assurance Plan

    - The [safety] analysis methodology [for software design] shall be recorded in an appropriate document (e.g., software safety plan or software assurance plan). - The [safety] analysis methodology [for software implementation, e.g., code] shall be recorded in an appropriate document (e.g., software safety plan
  4. SWE-033 - Acquisition vs. Development Assessment

    document the results of the analysis as well as the raw data that was collected and evaluated to arrive at the final solution. Involve the relevant stakeholders … , Center procedures addressing decision analysis and resolution may be helpful in planning and carrying out the assessment and selection process. 4. Small Projects
  5. SWE-058 - Detailed Design

    the shelf software being considered for use on the project (see SWE-027)? Has an analysis of alternatives been completed? Is the selection of architecture … to the secondary string. This increases the potential availability and reliability of the primary string." cd smproj records tool analysis ansc asc bsc bnsc
  6. SWE-057 - Software Architecture

    Requirements SWE-051 Software Requirements Analysis SWE-056 Document Design SWE-058 Detailed Design SWE-111 Software Design … against incidental complexity in software designs..." cd smproj sdr tool analysis ansc asc bsc bnsc csc cnsc cdr dsc dnsc design g f esc ll pdr pm prod_desc
  7. SWE-135 - Static Analysis

    1. Requirements 3.3.3 The project shall ensure that results from static analysis tool(s) are used in verifying and validating software code. 1.1 Notes Modern static code analysis tools can identify a variety of issues and problems, including but not limited to dead code, non-compliances with coding standards
  8. 7.13 - Transitioning to a Higher Class

    questions should be considered when evaluating transition versus new development solutions. Some of these topics are addressed in more detail in later analysis … level requirements? If not already performed or data is not current, conduct static analysis to identify existing errors in the code, identify missing pieces
  9. SWE-049 - Document Software Requirements

    to satisfy the high-level requirements using structured, object-oriented, or another analysis method focusing on what the software needs to do rather than specific 'how … , hardware schematics and specifications. System architecture. System models and simulations. System safety analyses, including the preliminary hazard analysis
  10. 7.09 - Entrance and Exit Criteria

    ). Development and analysis of alternative concepts (showing at least one feasible). check.png MCR Items Reviewed Mission goals and objectives. Analysis … . Updated mission requirements available, if applicable. Preliminary Hazards Analysis (PHA) available. Software inputs/contributions completed for: Baselined