8.14 - SA Tasking for NPR 7150.2B

1. Introduction

This topic is intended for programs and projects that will continue to use NPR 7150.2B (i.e., those who have NPR 7150.2B specified on their contract) and want to transition to the new NASA-STD-8739.8A.

On August 2, 2019, NASA made Revision C of the Software Engineering Requirements Directive (NPR 7150.2C 083) effective.  While NPR 7150.2B was being revised to version NPR 7150.2C, a similar effort began with the revision of the Software Assurance Standard (NASA-STD-8739.8 278) to streamline SA activities to coincide with Rev C of the NPR. The update to NASA-STD-8739.8 resulted in its merger with the Software Safety Standard (NASA-STD-8719.13 ) and the combined version is now named the Software Assurance and Software Safety Standard (NASA-STD-8739.8A) which is expected to be approved sometime in July 2020.

With the combining of the two Standards, the structure of the new Software Assurance and Software Safety Standard (NASA-STD-8739.8A) has changed so that the assurance and safety requirements are listed as tasking activities that correspond to the individual requirements in Chapters 3 through 5 of NPR 7150.2C.

As described below, the attached spreadsheet provides the mapping between the requirements of NPR 7150.2B and the corresponding SA Tasking in NASA-STD-8739.8A via NPR 7150.2C corresponding SWE requirements.

  • Column A: Section numbers of relevant requirements in NPR 7150.2B
  • Column B: Requirement number of the requirement in NPR 7150.2B
  • Column C: Text of the requirement in NPR 7150.2B
  • Column D: Section numbers of corresponding requirements in NPR 7150.2C
  • Column E: Requirement number of the requirement in NPR 7150.2C
  • Column F: Software Assurance/Safety required activities for this requirement in NPR 7150.2C
  • Column G: Space
  • Column H: Text of the requirement in NPR 7150.2C (Included for comparison)

The updated standard only levies required activities on the NPR 7150.2C requirements in Chapters 3 through 5, so some requirements in NPR 7150.2B may not have corresponding assurance/safety required activities.

Most users will be interested in Column C (text of requirement in NPR 7150.2B) and Column F (the corresponding assurance and safety activities from NASA-STD-8739.8A)

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2. Resources

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Tools to aid in compliance with this SWE, if any, may be found in the Tools Library in the NASA Engineering Network (NEN). 

NASA users find this in the Tools Library in the Software Processes Across NASA (SPAN) site of the Software Engineering Community in NEN. 

The list is informational only and does not represent an “approved tool list”, nor does it represent an endorsement of any particular tool.  The purpose is to provide examples of tools being used across the Agency and to help projects and centers decide what tools to consider.

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SPAN - Software Processes Across NASA
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See the following link(s) in SPAN for process assets from contributing Centers (NASA Only). 

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