Maintenance windows

The datacenter has a scheduled patching of nonproduction systems this evening (July 19, 2016), so sometime after 5PM these two sites could be inaccessible, till as late as 5AM.
While I have your attention I can tell you when the August and September maintenance windows are.
Production systems – Friday August 5th 7PM through Sunday 7th 4PM
Non prod – Tues 16th August 5PM – midnight
Prod – Friday Sept 9th 7PM – Sat 10th 8AM
Non prod – Tues 20th Sept 5PM – midnight
All times are Central
Those are windows, so interruptions could occur any part or all of the period.
Jake Gibson
Tech Stack Lead
EAST2 Apps & Web Services, MSFC LoB
Cell 256-426-1500

Children of Staging Maint Info

The children of this page and their purposes are listed here: 

  • Doc Page ResourcesThe pages below contain Resources pages / reports that are included in the FAQ and doc pages under topic 7.18. They use converted Wiki Markup from the user macro "refstable-intro" and represent a step toward building new macros for these pages. 

Obsolete pages removed for 7150.2B

These pages removed 8/2/2016 - Fred Haigh
Old Preface
[SWE-001 - Effective Date]
Old Chapter 2
[SWE-130 - Develop a Software Safety Plan]
[SWE-014 - Execute Planning]
[SWE-120 - General Exclusion from Requirements]
[SWE-124 - ETA OCE Compliance]
[SWE-025 - Corrective Actions]
[SWE-026 - Commitment Change Agreements]
[SWE-044 - Supplier Metric Data]
[SWE-048 - Solicitation]
[SWE-127 - P (Center) OCE Concurrence]
[SWE-128 - Technical Authority Records]
Old Chapter 3
[SWE-049 - Document Software Requirements]
[SWE-074 - Document Maintenance Plan]
[SWE-076 - Implement Operations, Maintenance, and Retirement Activities]
[SWE-078 - As-built Documentation]

Old Chapter 4
[SWE-137 - Software Peer Reviews and Inspections  - Peer Reviews and Inspections of Software Plans]
[SWE-096 - Directorate Measurement Objectives]
[SWE-099 - Center PAL Reviews]
Old Chapter 5
[SWE-102 - SW Development-Management Plan]
[SWE-103 - Software CM Plan]
[SWE-104 - Software Test Plan]
[SWE-105 - Software Maintenance Plan]
[SWE-106 - Software Assurance Plan]
[SWE-107 - SW Training Plan Contents]
[SWE-108 - Center SW Improvement Plan]
[SWE-138 - Software Safety Plan Contents]
[SWE-109 - Software Requirements Specification]
[SWE-110 - Software Data Dictionary]
[SWE-111 - Software Design Description]
[SWE-112 - Interface Design Description]
[SWE-113 - SW Change Request_Problem Report]
[SWE-114 - Software Test Procedures]
[SWE-115 - Software User Manual]
[SWE-116 - Software Version Description]
[SWE-117 - Software Metrics Report]
[SWE-118 - Software Test Report]
[SWE-119 - Software Documentation Requirements - Software Inspection, Peer Reviews, Inspections] 

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