7.16 - Appendix C. Requirements Mapping and Compliance Matrix

1. Requirements Mapping and Compliance Matrix

The following text is slightly modified from NPR 7150.2C, NASA Software Engineering Requirements, Appendix C.

1.1 The Software Classification Spreadsheet

To download the Software Classification Spreadsheet 443, please click the link: Compliance Matrix for Each Class

1.2 Rationale

The rationale for the requirements is contained in this Handbook (NASA Software Engineering Handbook, NASA-HDBK-2203). Programs/Projects may substitute a matrix that documents their compliance with their particular Center's implementation of NPR 7150.2 083, if applicable. This topic contains a compliance matrix for the requirements organized by class and including a tailoring field for each requirement, tailoring rationale, and approval signature lines.

The Compliance Matrix documents the program/project's compliance or intent to comply with the requirements of NPR 7150.2 083 or justification for tailoring. The matrix lists:

    1. The unique requirement identifier.
    2. The section reference.
    3. The NPR 7150.2 083 requirement statement.
    4. The Technical Authority Level responsible for assessing a project's compliance matrices, tailoring, waivers, and deviations from requirements in NPR 7150.2.
    5. The applicability of the requirements in NPR 7150.2 to specific systems and subsystems within the Agency's investment areas, programs, and projects is determined through the use of the NASA-wide definition of software classes.

1.3 Tailoring Guidance

Use the following guidance, also included in the matrix, to interpret the contents of the compliance matrix included in this topic:

X - Indicates an invoked requirement by this NPR consistent with Software Classification (See SWE-139). May be tailored with Technical Authority approval (NPR 7150.2, Chapter 2.2).

Blank - Optional/Not invoked by NPR 7150.2.

Center - Center Director or the Center Director's designated Engineering Technical Authority or Center Director's designated Safety and Mission Assurance Technical Authority.

Each requirement in this Handbook also includes a graphical representation of its compliance matrix data:

1.4 Applicability Across Classes















Key:    - Applicable | - Not Applicable
A & B = Always Safety-Critical; C & D = Sometimes Safety-Critical; E - F = Never Safety-Critical.

2. Resources

2.1 References

  • (SWEREF-083)

    NPR 7150.2D, Effective Date: March 08, 2022, Expiration Date: March 08, 2027 Contains link to full text copy in PDF format. Search for "SWEREF-083" for links to old NPR7150.2 copies.

  • (SWEREF-257)

    NPD 7120.4E, NASA Office of the Chief Engineer, Effective Date: June 26, 2017, Expiration Date: June 26, 2022

  • (SWEREF-443) NPR 7150.2C NASA Software Engineering Requirements, Appendix C. Requirements Mapping and Compliance Matrix NPR 7150.2C, Effective Date: August 02, 2019, Expiration Date: August 02, 2024, See Appendix C. Requirements Mapping and Compliance Matrix Topic [SWEHBVC:7.16 - Appendix C. Requirements Mapping and Compliance Matrix], section 1.4 contains downloadable spreadsheets for each class of software based on NPR 7150.2C.

2.2 Tools

Tools to aid in compliance with this SWE, if any, may be found in the Tools Library in the NASA Engineering Network (NEN). 

NASA users find this in the Tools Library in the Software Processes Across NASA (SPAN) site of the Software Engineering Community in NEN. 

The list is informational only and does not represent an “approved tool list”, nor does it represent an endorsement of any particular tool.  The purpose is to provide examples of tools being used across the Agency and to help projects and centers decide what tools to consider.

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