When SWEREFSETTAB macro stopped working, the substitute is Set Data macro. This page describes how the workaround works.



On topic 2.2 there is a Set Data macro used. It sets a value for a variable called "reftab". After copying that macro into topic 7.7 and setting the value to "8", the SWEREFs on the page jump to tab 8 like they are supposed to.

In other words, the Set Data macro can replace the SWEREFSETTAB macro do what is necessary in setting a value for "reftab". This was tested to see if the SWEREFSETTAB is even necessary on the page. On page 7.13 there is only one SWEREF macro (in tab 6). There was no SWEREFSETTAB or Set Data macro on the page. When the Set Data macro was introduced with a value of 7, the SWEREF now takes the user to tab 7. 

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