All SWEs In Numeric Order

All SWEs in Numeric Order

SWE-002 - Software Engineering Initiative
SWE-003 - Center Improvement Plans
SWE-004 - OCE Benchmarking
SWE-005 - Software Processes
SWE-006 - Center Software Inventory
SWE-013 - Software Plans
SWE-015 - Cost Estimation
SWE-016 - Software Schedule
SWE-017 - Project and Software Training
SWE-018 - Software Activities Review
SWE-019 - Software Life Cycle
SWE-020 - Software Classification
SWE-021 - Transition to a Higher Class
SWE-022 - Software Assurance
SWE-023 - Software Safety
SWE-024 - Plan Tracking
SWE-027 - Use of Commercial, Government, and Legacy Software
SWE-028 - Verification Planning
SWE-029 - Validation Planning
SWE-030 - Verification Results
SWE-031 - Validation Results
SWE-032 - CMMI Levels for Class A and B Software
SWE-033 - Acquisition vs. Development Assessment
SWE-034 - Acceptance Criteria
SWE-035 - Supplier Selection
SWE-036 - Software Process Determination
SWE-037 - Software Milestones
SWE-038 - Acquisition Planning
SWE-039 - Software Supplier Insight
SWE-040 - Access to Software Products
SWE-041 - Open Source Software Notification
SWE-042 - Source Code Electronic Access
SWE-043 - Track Change Request
SWE-045 - Project Participation in Audits
SWE-046 - Supplier Software Schedule
SWE-047 - Traceability Data
SWE-050 - Software Requirements
SWE-051 - Software Requirements Analysis
SWE-052 - Bidirectional Traceability Between Higher Level Requirements and Software Requirements
SWE-053 - Manage Requirements Changes
SWE-054 - Corrective Action for Inconsistencies
SWE-055 - Requirements Validation
SWE-056 - Document Design
SWE-057 - Software Architecture
SWE-058 - Detailed Design
SWE-059 - Bidirectional Traceability Between Software Requirements and Software Design
SWE-060 - Coding Software
SWE-061 - Coding Standards
SWE-062 - Unit Test
SWE-063 - Release Version Description
SWE-064 - Bidirectional Traceability Between Software Design and Software Code
SWE-065 - Test Plan, Procedures, Reports
SWE-066 - Perform Testing
SWE-067 - Verify Implementation
SWE-068 - Evaluate Test Results
SWE-069 - Document Defects and Track
SWE-070 - Models, Simulations, Tools
SWE-071 - Update Test Plans and Procedures
SWE-072 - Bidirectional Traceability Between Software Test Procedures and Software Requirements
SWE-073 - Platform or Hi-Fidelity Simulations
SWE-075 - Plan Operations, Maintenance, Retirement
SWE-077 - Deliver Software Products
SWE-079 - Develop CM Plan
SWE-080 - Track and Evaluate Changes
SWE-081 - Identify Software CM Items
SWE-082 - Authorizing Changes
SWE-083 - Status Accounting
SWE-084 - Configuration Audits
SWE-085 - Release Management
SWE-086 - Continuous Risk Management
SWE-087 - Software Peer Reviews and Inspections for Requirements, Plans, Design, Code, and Test Procedures
SWE-088 - Software Peer Reviews and Inspections - Checklist Criteria and Tracking
SWE-089 - Software Peer Reviews and Inspections - Basic Measurements
SWE-090 - Management and Technical Measurements
SWE-091 - Establish and Maintain Measurement Repository
SWE-092 - Using Measurement Data
SWE-093 - Analysis of Measurement Data
SWE-094 - Reporting of Measurement Analysis
SWE-095 - Report Engineering Discipline Status
SWE-098 - Agency PAL
SWE-100 - Software Training Funding
SWE-101 - Center SW Training Plans
SWE-121 - Document Alternate Requirements
SWE-122 - Technical Authority Appointment
SWE-125 - Requirements Compliance Matrix
SWE-126 - Waiver and Deviation Considerations
SWE-129 - OCE NPR Appraisals
SWE-131 - Independent Verification and Validation Project Execution Plan
SWE-132 - Independent Software Classification Assessment
SWE-133 - Software Safety Determination
SWE-134 - Safety Critical Software Requirements
SWE-135 - Static Analysis
SWE-136 - Software Tool Accreditation
SWE-139 - Shall Statements
SWE-140 - Comply with Requirements
SWE-141 - Software Independent Verification and Validation
SWE-142 - Software Cost Repositories
SWE-143 - Software Architecture Review
SWE-144 - Software Engineering Process Assets
SWE-145 - Approve Waivers and Deviations
SWE-146 - Auto-generated Source Code
SWE-147 - Specify Reusability Requirements
SWE-148 - Contribute to Agency Software Catalog
SWE-149 - Open Source Conditions
SWE-150 - Review Changes To Tailored Requirements
SWE-151 - Cost Estimate Conditions
SWE-152 - Review Compliance Matrices
SWE-153 - ETA Define Document Content
SWE-154 - Identify Security Risks
SWE-155 - Implement Risk Mitigations
SWE-156 - Evaluate Systems for Security Risks
SWE-157 - Protect Against Unauthorized Access
SWE-158 - Evaluate Software for Security Vulnerabilities
SWE-159 - Verify and Validate Risk Mitigations
SWE-160 - Safety Critical Classification
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