SWE-149 - Last used in rev NPR 7150.2B

RevSWE Statement

Difference between A and BNEW - Split from Rev A SWE-027

3.15.2 The project manager shall ensure that when an Open Source Software (OSS) component is acquired or used, the following conditions are satisfied:

    1. The requirements that are to be met by the software component are identified.
    2. The software component includes documentation to fulfill its intended purpose (e.g., usage instructions).
    3. Proprietary, usage, ownership, warranty, licensing rights, and transfer rights have been addressed.
    4. Future support for the software product is planned and adequate for project needs.
    5. The software component is verified and validated to the same level required to accept a similar developed software component for its intended use.
Difference between B and CLast used in Rev B; Bequirement merged into SWE-027.


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