This page is a collection of reports for different groups of assets. This page will be maintained only in the SITE Resources space to avoid problems with duplication and making changes in the wrong page. Redirection in SWEHBVC and SWEHBVD will bring you here for adding content. 

See page Reports for Doc Structure References for a list of reports for References used in pages other than SWE and Topics. 

PAT Category Reports with Category Codes in the Excerpts

PAT Page Codes

Some pages under 8.16 and elsewhere have no SWE or Topic code to use for PAT reports. These pages will use the same page codes as for References. Page and document codes will need further sorting out

PageCode     - Page Title

  • SAANALYSIS - 8.54 - Software Requirements Analysis
    • Also see Category ReqAn 
    • tab 2
      • SAANALYSIS Checklist
      • Requirements Quality Checklist
      • Requirements Content Checklist
      • Requirements Editorial Checklist
    • tab 3
      • PAT-004 - Safety Requirements Analysis Checklist
    • tab 4 - two other candidates 
  • SAP - 8.51 - Software Assurance Plan
    • No Category for this item 
    • SA Plan Content - embedded in tab 2.1
    • Software Safety Plan (SSP) - embedded in tab 3.1
  • IVVRef - IV&V Program Execution Plan
    •  No Category for this item 
    • IPEP Table of Contents - embedded in tab 2
  • Safety -  Software Safety and Hazard Analysis
    • See also Category SftySp 
    • Hazard Report Contents - embedded in tab 4
  • SADESIGN - Software Design Analysis
    •  See also Category DesAn 
    • SADESIGN Checklist - embedded in tab 2.1
    • PAT-008 - Safety Considerations for Design Peer Reviews Checklist - in tab 3.2
    • PAT-005 - Software Component Design Analysis Checklist - in tab 3.3
    • High-Level Analysis Content for SA Status Report - in tab 4.1
    • Content for Detailed Content for Analysis Product - in tab 4.2
  • SASTATUS - Software Assurance Status Reports
    • No Category for this item 
  • SASource - Source Code Quality Analysis
  • SATest - Testing Analysis - multiple candidates for checklists and close ties with SWEs 
    • See Categories TstAn and TstDoc 
  • SAAudit - Audit Reports
    • See Categories AudCK 
    • Minimum Recommended Content for Audit Summary - embedded in tab 4.1
    • Minimum Recommended Content for Detailed Audit Report - embedded in tab 4.2
  • ObjEv - Objective Evidence
    • No Category for this item 
    • Tasks Needing Objective Evidence - Checklist embedded in tab 3 , and as attachment to page

Reports By Category Code and SWE or Topic code

Use A template for PATs in a SWE or Topics page to build report pages - copy the page and change the title and other page parts to build a new report for inclusion into a SWE or Topics page. 

A report for each of the page codes and category codes. 

Reports of PATS used in SWE pages

Reports of PATS used in Topic pages

Reports of PATS used in pages other than Topic or SWE. Each page requires a page code to be used in the PAT database for identifying the page. 

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