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Software Architecture Review Board sub-community of practice.

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SWE-058, SWE-111, SWE-143, Topic 7.7, Topic 7.07,

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The objectives of SARB are to manage and/or reduce flight software complexity through better software architecture and help improve mission software reliability and save costs.

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“Software architecture should be evaluated concerning the problem it is trying to solve. That's why a project's problem statement is an essential part of review preparation; it describes the problem to be solved and lists success criteria held by various stakeholders. Software architecture should also be evaluated concerning common concerns within its problem domain e.g., flight software...

“During a review, it's important to keep in mind the distinction between software architecture and software architecture description. A system can have great architecture and a poor description, or vice versa, or any of the other two combinations. In a review, it's important to note where each weakness lies: in architecture or description."