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NASA Systems Engineering Processes and Requirements Updated w/Change 2

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SWE-005, SWE-014, SWE-017, SWE-018, SWE-019, SWE-024, SWE-025, SWE-026, SWE-030, SWE-036, SWE-037, SWE-039, SWE-043, SWE-044, SWE-055, SWE-060, SWE-077, SWE-086, SWE-087, SWE-100, SWE-101, SWE-147, SWE-150, SWE-153, SWE-193, Topic 7.6, Topic 7.06, Topic 7.7, Topic 7.07, Topic 7.8, Topic 7.08, Topic 7.9, Topic 7.09, Topic 7.12, Topic 8.6, Topic 8.06,

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NPR 7123.1D, Office of the Chief Engineer, Effective Date: July 05, 2023, Expiration Date: July 05, 2028

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G.20 Peer Reviews
“Peer reviews are focused, in-depth technical reviews that support the evolving design and development of a product, including critical documentation or data packages. The participants in a peer review are the technical experts and key stakeholders for the scope of the review.”