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Welcome from your handbook team!
We are (left to right): Dan Gauntner, Jon Verville, Lee Jackson,
Tommy Tayman, Kathy Malnick, and Kevin Carmichael (Lead)
Not pictured: John Kelly, Dave York
Picture taken in front of the new A-3 Test Stand at SSC

Our Software Engineering Handbook team welcomes you to the handbook website! We hope you find this material helpful and useful as you develop the software products and processes that power our NASA technology, satellites and support systems.



John Kelly

Software Engineering Program Executive

Kevin Carmichael

Team Lead

Jon Verville

Lead Architect

Kathy Malnick
Dan Gauntner
Dave York

Technical Author

Lee Jackson

Technical Editor

Lisa Dallas
Lee Jackson
Jon Verville

Web Editor

Special thanks to

NASA Software Working Group (NSWG) & NASA Software Steering Committee (NSSC) for their review and input on the NASA Software Engineering Handbook.

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